Webinar Parenting
May 8th 2023

Date: May 8th 2023
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Language of instruction: Dutch
Admission: free




Webinar Parenting.

Why parenting and parenting is so (emotionally) difficult.

From pregnancy to puberty, your child goes through all kinds of developmental stages, each of which can affect you in different ways. You become unsure if you are doing it right, feel overwhelmed by your child’s needs. Or you find it difficult to tolerate certain things and you become easily irritated – or angry, after which you may lash out verbally (or physically).

You wear yourself out trying to be the perfect parent and if you can’t, you feel like you’re failing. You are overprotective and find it difficult to give your child space. You fear that others will eventually find out that you are a bad parent. Your child always seems to push a button with you that throws you off balance.

Although it is very unpleasant for you to experience, the children suffer the most. Certainly in the first three years of life, it is very important for the further development of a child that his parents are as emotionally available as possible.

Each webinar starts with a short insightful introduction to the theme.
Then Ingeborg gives a live demonstration, so that you can experience how PRI works in practice.

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